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Who we are

maxill offers a full line of infection control and oral care products, disposables, gloves, and dental hygiene instruments. We are a Canadian based company and have been in business since 1987. maxill firmly believes that we can offer you similar or better quality product for a lower price and a higher service level than what you are currently receiving. maxill is 100% customer driven. We guarantee and stand behind every product that we sell, every order that is shipped and every customer that places their trust with us. Our boss is the customer.


Dental professionals have come to know maxill as the most competitively priced supply source that they can rely on for the many product lines we offer. Take a good look at maxill’s transparent everyday pricing and our separately published promotional flyers. Compare maxill pricing to what your current provider is charging and you will quickly see how dental professionals across Canada save thousands of dollars by choosing maxill.


With a 110,000 square foot warehouse in Ontario and a 32,000 square foot centre in Alberta, maxill makes sure you have the supplies you need. With both centres stocked full of inventory, order turnaround is one to two days for most areas of Canada. Our backorder rate is among the lowest in the business because we know our customers need their orders to be quick and complete.


Our unique maxill branded products are quality guaranteed. You are satisfied with maxill or your money is cheerfully refunded. Quality Products. Quality Service. Customer Satisfaction. Always. maxill is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company. For over 30 years we have been servicing the Canadian Dental community. As our product and customer base continues to grow, we are happy to continue to provide you with the quality products and service you have grown to trust. Thank you for continuing to choose maxill.