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Make Your Dental Office Stand Out

Dental offices are in constant competition with one another for patients.

Some have newly built practices, while others have well-loved offices, but what makes an office stand out?

Online reviews and referrals weigh heavily on the initial dental office selection process; however, competence, quality, and interpersonal communication skills are characteristics of a dentist that make the patient keep returning.

Patients that have built a relationship with the dental team are most likely to trust their recommendations to follow through with future dental procedures and maintain a proper cleaning schedule.

In addition, extended business hours can set an office apart from the rest; many patients struggle with finding the time to go to the dentist during work hours due to prior obligations.

By offering appointments on nights and weekends, patients can enjoy the flexibility of scheduling appointments at more convenient times.

Lastly, maintaining a clean office that is well taken care of is a top priority, ensuring patients are comfortable in their environment.  An untidy and cluttered office suggests the office is not clean. First impressions make a lasting impact on new and existing patients.


Advertising With Custom Branded Products

There are multiple dental products available to be printed with a dental office's business logo and contact information.

These items can be gifted to patients or passed along to others in the community, including local schools and non-profit clinics.

Custom branded products present an avenue to advertise to someone looking for a new dental office.

Some examples are:


Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Dental Office

Diversifying the ways in which a dental office is utilizing marketing strategies can expand outreach to potential patients.

It is important to keep track of how patients are discovering the dental office; this can be done by placing a questionnaire on new patient intake forms and asking how they found the dental office.

This is a way to monitor which marketing strategies are most effective. There are many ways to promote a dental office, such as:

  1. Flyers
  2. Radio advertisements
  3. Sponsor a local sports team
  4. New-patient discount specials
  5. Booth set-up at local dental conferences
  6. Online marketing (ie. Social media, Google, Yelp)
  7. Referral contest (ie. Giveaway for the patient with the most referrals)
  8. Community outreach (ie. Free clinic days, School-based dental assembly)


Superior Patient Satisfaction And Quality Dental Care Create Patients That Last A Lifetime!

Give maxill a call, and get all the promotional material you need for your office today! 


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