No Graphene in maxill Face Masks

maxill face masks do NOT contain graphene. On April 02 2021, Health Canada placed an advisory on the recall of face masks containing graphene(1).

Graphene originates in face masks that have claims of offering anti-bacterial properties. Graphene has been utilized via functionalization with various nanomaterials such as metal ion/oxide NPs, polymers, enzymes, and photocatalytic materials leading to enhanced antibactearial activity (2). The risk to the wearer of the Face mask is the potential to inhale the small nano particles of graphene. Graphene-based materials are used in various applications and the toxicity associated with them has diverted great attention among the researchers toward public health and environmental risks (2). In laboratory testing on animal subjects, graphene is associated with lung toxicity (1). There are inconsistencies in the results and lack of universal acceptance criteria for the toxicity of the graphene-based materials, which requires more research prior to its release and circulation in or on human use (2).

If you are utilizing a variety of face masks that incudes non-maxill brands and you believe you have come into contact with a face mask with graphene, Health Canada advises the following:

  1. Immediately discontinue use
  2. Consult your health care provider if you have used a face mask listed as containing graphene and have health issues such as unexplained shortness of breath and/or discomfort in breathing and/or difficulty breathing.

maxill is proud to follow a high level of quality assurance in it’s procurement of materials in the manufacturing process of personal protective equipment. YOUR safety is paramount!

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