January 26, 2011 – Immaterial Change to SMIC Financing Agreement

SMIC has advised maxill under Section 5.07 of the agreement, that due to non-utilization by maxill of a specific loan facility within the agreement, that such facility credit capacity will be reduced by the fixed amount of $830,000 which is not the maximum allowable reduction they could have enacted for the 12 month stated period.

maxill states that this credit reduction in a specific credit line stems from a non-utilization of credit in the Capital Asset Pool facility. Furthermore, this reduction in credit has no material meaning or impact on company operations or plans.

maxill inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of infection control, dental hygiene and other related products.

maxill inc. is an Ontario jurisdiction, reporting issuer, public company.

For further information please email John at: jshaw@maxill.com or call 519-631-7370 EST/EDT.