Aqua-FX Waterline Disinfectant Kit

Aqua-FX is a specially formulated disinfectant designed for unparalleled disinfection of plastic dental waterlines. maxill’s PAA equilibrium technology ensures the perfect concentration of oxidizing components to quickly and safely disinfect dental unit waterlines.

DIN 02332973

Kit Contains:
• 1 x 250 mL concentrate
• 1 x measuring beaker
• 1 x test strips

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Aqua-FX Kit
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Aqua-FX Additional Test Strips
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Aqua-FX’s easy to use concentrate allows you to take your office’s infection control practices to the next level with fast, effective and economical waterline disinfection! Aqua-FX is your answer to waterline microbial reduction!


Despite many industry advances in infection control, dental unit waterlines continue to be a haven for microbial contaminants. Biofilms, a diverse array of microbial species, thrive in the low nutrient environment of dental unit waterlines and are capable of causing dangerous nosocomial infections. When it comes to reducing the risk of infection, purging waterlines is not enough! Aqua-FX's unique formulation helps eliminate waterline contamination at the source. Through powerful oxidation, Aqua-FX reduces the formation and colonization of biofilms thus reducing the risk of your waterlines becoming biologically contaminated.


Aqua-FX works by killing harmful microorganisms that grow in the low nutrient environment of dental unit waterlines. Through powerful oxidation, Aqua-FX helps control biofilm formation and helps reduce microbial contamination. Once used, Aqua-FX naturally breaks down into its simplest components of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Simple and Effective!

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