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Every maxill instrument is crafted from superior heat-treated 440A surgical grade stainless steel. Our proprietary heat treating process uses only the highest quality American, German and Italian Steel, ensuring the sharpness and longevity of our instruments making your job easier with less hand fatigue. Each instrument is hand finished and carefully inspected. We are proud to offer this exceptional quality and competitive pricing through our 'boutique' approach to the manufacturing of each instrument. With maxill instruments, you know your instruments are made to the highest standard.

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Standard Curette

These are the basic styles and sizes of curettes. Standard shank and blade.

Long Curette

The shanks of these curettes are 3 mm longer to reach into deeper pockets. Also available as a combination Rigid Long configuration.

Small Curette

These curettes have the longer shanks like the Long configuration, but the blade length has been reduced for pockets that are narrower at the bottom.

Rigid Curette

These versions feature a heavier shank for a stronger instrument in heavy tartar removal. Also available as a combination Rigid Long configuration.

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