Intraoral Cheek Retractors

Often used for tooth prep and direct bonding to provide a view of the entire arch while tongue depressant helps keep bonding field dry. Available in 3 sizes to ensure an excellent fit.
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Intraoral Cheek Retractors - Small
Intraoral Cheek Retractors - Small Item 41503
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Intraoral Cheek Retractors - Medium
Intraoral Cheek Retractors - Medium Item 41504
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Intraoral Cheek Retractors - Large
Intraoral Cheek Retractors - Large Item 41505
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Cheek retractors should be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner in an ultrasonic bath. An instrument washer can be used for the cleaning process provided the temperature does not exceed 135°C (275°F). Ensure retractors are thoroughly rinsed and fully dried prior to packaging for sterilization. Improper rinsing can leave a chemical residue from the cleaning agent and cause a reaction with the high heat from sterilization.


Cheek retractors can be heat sterilized in an autoclave sterilizer up to 135°C (275°F). After sterilization, cheek retractors are to remain in their sealed package and opened only at point of use.