The Ster-FX BIN is a germicide tray designed for soaking instruments in a variety of solutions including enzymes, detergents, phenolics, glutaraldehydes and other sterilizing, disinfecting and pre-soaking solutions.

Pair up the Ster-FX BIN with Zymax 128 or Zymax LF Enzymatic Cleaning Solutions to soak instruments before cleaning and sterilization. The Ster-FX BIN can also be used with Ster-FX Chemosterilant & Sporicide to sterilize reusable semi-critical and critical medical devices by immersion.

  • Dials on lid can be used to keep track of when items are to be removed and/or when the solution needs to be changed
  • Interior tray features a perforated diamond design allowing for quick drain-off and easy transfer of instruments
  • 2 tier tray provides convenient hands free draining
  • Holds 4 litres of liquid and has easy pour corners for disposal of solution
  • Hinged, fitted cover helps prevent spills and contain odours
  • Inner tray dimensions: 11-1/2” x 6-3/4” x 3”
  • Available 1000 mL Ster-FX E-Z Beak Measuring Beaker makes measuring holding solutions quick and easy
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