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Parkell Turbo Sensor (maxi-cav) Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Scaler


The Parkell Turbo Sensor Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Scaler is an extremely versatile, easy-to-use unit. The ultrasonic scaler automatically detects whether a 25K or 30K tip is being used and switches the frequency to the appropriate setting.

Choose from a range of power settings including low-power debridement for routine scaling and high power for heavy calculus removal. By using the included foot pedal, turbo power can be applied for exceptionally stubborn calculus removal.

The Parkell Turbo Sensor offers all of these features in an incredibly small and lightweight unit. Its compact size doesn’t waste valuable counter space and makes the unit extremely portable.

Includes: 1 Ultrasonic Scaler Unit, 2 Autoclavable Handpiece Sheaths, 1 In-line Water Filter with Spare Disk, and 1 corded Foot Pedal.

The Parkell Turbo Sensor was previously branded as the maxi-cav Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Scaler. All maxi-cav branded Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts and accessories are compatible with this unit.
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