maxi-cav Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Scaler


The maxill maxi-cav Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Scaler is an extremely versatile, easy-to-use unit. The maxi-cav automatically detects whether a 25K or 30K tip is being used and switches the frequency to the appropriate setting.

Choose from a range of power settings including low-power debridement for routine scaling and high power for heavy calculus removal. By using the included foot pedal, turbo power can be applied for exceptionally stubborn calculus removal.

The maxi-cav offers all of these features in an incredibly small and lightweight unit. Its compact size doesn’t waste valuable counter space and makes the unit extremely portable.

Includes: 1 Ultrasonic Scaler Unit, 2 Autoclavable Handpiece Sheaths, 1 In-line Water Filter with Spare Disk, and 1 corded Foot Pedal.

Instructions For Use
(Size: 644.4 KB)