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maxill QwikStrip Single-Sided X-Coarse Strip 10 Pack

(.18 mm X-Coarse Strip)

This Single-Sided Extra Coarse 10 Pack includes 10 single-sided Extra Coarse QwikStrips. These QwikStrips are designed to be used as a part of the colour coded system.

10 x
Extra Coarse

The Industry leading QwikStrips are an interproximal solution for removing cement from in between teeth and also for creating the precise spacing needed (IPR) for minor tooth movement.

QwikStip abrasive strips provide the ULTIMATE solution for doing IPR. Whether doing Invisalign, Six Month Smiles,™ Clear Correct,™ MTM,™ or any other orthodontic treatment, simply follow the colour coded sequence guide for achieving the precise interproximal reduction needed (IPR).

10 QwikStrips per pack

per pack
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Instructions For Use
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Product Information Sheets

QwikStrip™ abrasive strips provide the ULTIMATE solution for doing IPR. Whether doing Invisalign™, 6-month Smile™, Clear Correct™, MTM™, or any other orthodontic treatment, simply follow the color coded sequence guide for achieving the precise interproximal reduction needed (IPR). QwikStrip™ abrasive strips are available in three styles: Single-Sided, Double-Sided, and a revolutionary Curved version.

When needed, QwikStrip™ superfine strips can also be used for simply smoothening any interproximal restoration, or for relieving the friction (heavy contact) prior to seating crowns, veneers, inlays or onlays. Check the contact, adjust with the QwikStrip™ superfine strip, and then seat the restoration. It’s that easy!

Hygienists, hold on! Try using the QwikStrip™ (straight or curved) super-fine strips for removing tough stains that your instruments can’t reach. You will never want to be without QwikStrips by your side!

About QwikStrips

The depth-limiting design of QwikStrips prevents soft-tissue irritation, while the unique handle design provides a comfortable grip for optimal tactile control, giving easy access to tight anterior or posterior spaces. Qwikstrips are color coded and are available in either serrated or abrasive strips with the following grit types: extra course, course, medium, fine, and super fine.


  • They enable precise IPR procedures from .02 mm up to .5 mm
  • They make cement removal easier and safer after cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays or veneers
  • Hygienists can use them for removing stains that their instruments can't reach
  • Remove overhangs with ease
  • Enable smooth finishing of interproximal composites or amalgams.
  • Reduce tight contacts to enable complete seating of crowns, bridges, inlays onlays or veneers
  • Depth-Limiting Safety Feature
  • Autoclavable
  • Color-Coded Grit Identification
  • Floss "Tether" Holes
  • Single-Handed Use
  • Enhanced Patient & Doctor Safety
  • Multipurpose & Cost Effective
  • Optimal Tactile Control

The entire QwikStrip™ product line puts confidence at your fingertips. They are easy to handle, and will enable cement removal, finishing and polishing, or IPR in either the anterior or the posterior of the mouth.

Cement Removal

QwikStrip™ Serrated Strips are designed to make crown and bridge clean-up quick, safe, and simple after cementation of crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays, or onlays. Clean up will never be this easy!

Finishing and Polishing

QwikStrip™ single-Sided Abrasive Strips can be used in the anterior OR the posterior of the mouth. However, the QwikStrip™ Curved Abrasive Strips are perfect for the posterior as they follow the contour of the teeth more appropriately.

Interproximal Reduction (IPR)

When used for IPR during orthodontic procedures, use QwikStrip™ Single-Sided, Curved, and Double-Sided Abrasive Strips. For spaces from .07mm to .2mm, use the Single-Sided QwikStrip™ Abrasive Strips (straight or curved); For spaces from .2mm up to .5mm, use the Double-Sided QwikStrip™ Abrasive Strips. Together, you can create as little or as much space as needed.


Choose from three different types of QwikStrips to use during your IPR procedures.

Single Sided:

With the original single-sided abrasive strips, you simply and precisely create IPR as needed up to 0.2 mm.

Double Sided:

When more IPR is needed, our double-sided abrasive strips enable you to open up contacts up to 0.5 mm. Our double-sided QwikStrips have set the bar in the Industry!


Our curved abrasive strips are perfect for finishing and stripping the posterior teeth. Due to the patented anatomical design of these curved strips, the contour of the posterior teeth is maintained during finishing or stripping procedures.