Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - 1.19 gal Jug


Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is a versatile product for use in the dental and medical fields.

maxill 3% hydrogen peroxide can be easily diluted with water to create a 1% hydrogen peroxide pre-procedural rinse. Economical and efficient for PPR compliance.

per jug

Minimizing aerosols has always been part of a dental office's infection prevention and control program. This includes pre-procedural rinsing (PPR), the use of a dental dam and high volume (HV) suction. The notion of a PPR is not new to dentistry and prior to COVID-19 dental professionals could make their own product selection.

The PPR product must be hydrogen peroxide at a 1% concentration. The COVID-19 virus has a lipid layer as its outer shell and is highly vulnerable to the oxidizing impact of hydrogen peroxide.

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