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maxill has been very successful by offering the highest possible quality product at the best price. We sell all of our own products, thus eliminating the cost and burden of "middle-man" distributors.


maxill has a fully stocked warehouse in Tsuen Wan to make sure you have the supplies you need. maxill's order turnaround is one to two days and our backorder rate is also among the lowest in the industry.


Our unique maxill branded products are quality guaranteed.

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  • What Is an Ultrasonic Scaler Used for in Dentistry?
    maxill maxi-cav ultrasonic scaler

    An Ultrasonic Scaler is a specialized dental instrument that removes calculus deposits and plaque from teeth.

    It uses high-frequency sound waves, piezo tips, and magnetostrictive vibration transmitted through a metal handpiece placed against the patient's teeth.

    These vibrations break up complex substances like tartar, leaving behind a smooth surface free of plaque and bacteria.


    An Ultrasonic Scaler can be used in various procedures such as scaling and root planing, deep cleaning, and polishing.

    During scaling and root planing, the device cleans off hardened plaque along the gum line and beneath it to prevent gingivitis or periodontitis from forming.

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  • Because You Asked: All About Benzocaine

    Everybody has questions about the products they use. Sometimes the right answers are complicated, sometimes simple.

    In this article, we’ll answer all the questions you had about benzocaine, so if you’re not sure, now you will be.

    This article is meant for everyone, but it’s mostly here to show dental professionals that, as manufacturers of benzocaine, we know all about benzocaine.

    Skip to the end of this article to see a summary of all these questions.


    What is benzocaine and how do you use it?

    Benzocaine is a topical anesthetic commonly used in dentistry.

    It works by temporarily numbing the area to which it is applied, making it useful for procedures such as filling cavities, perfo

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  • What Is Chlorhexidine Gluconate and How Is It Used?
    stages of periodontitis


    Mouthwash is an antiseptic liquid preparation for cleaning the mouth and teeth or freshening the breath. There are 2 types:

    • Cosmetic mouth wash may temporarily control bad breath and leave behind a pleasant taste but has no chemical or biological application beyond its temporary benefit.
    • Therapeutic mouth wash helps reduce or control plaque, gingivitis, bad breath, and tooth decay.


    Chlorhexidine Mouthwash

    Chlorhexidine is another antiseptic that is used in dentistry to clean the mouth and teeth. It’s a cationic antiseptic with a bisbiguanide

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  • How Do You Clean Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWL)?
    How Do You Clean Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWL)?


    Cleaning and maintaining Dental Unit Waterlines is essential for patients and dental professionals' health and safety.

    Not only does it keep patients safe from harmful bacteria, but it also helps to protect equipment longevity.

    Dental Unit Waterlines are a common source of microbial contamination and need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent build up of a microbial biofilm colony inside the narrow tubing of the DUWL.


    Reasons for Cleaning

    Dental Unit Waterlines are essential to keeping a dental practice running smoothly. It is important to keep these waterlines clean and free from contaminants to ensure the safe delivery of water during dental services.


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