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Recent Blog Posts

  • Stress Management: 11 Effective Ways to Manage Stress at Work
    Stress Management: 11 Effective Ways to Manage Stress at Work

    Causes and Signs of Workplace Stress:

    A recent study showed that over 90% of dental professionals were feeling stressed. Those who work in the dental industry are probably not surprised to hear this. Working in dentistry has always been identified as a highly stressful profession. Tight scheduling, providing the best patient care possible, following IPAC guidelines, and collecting points or hours to meet continuing education requirements are just some of the stressors of the dental profession. Add to that the extra expectations of working to global pandemic standards, you have a recipe for dental professions dealing with too much stress. The level of stress that eventually leads to burnout. We are already seeing the effects of too much stress and cases of burnout reflected in the current labor

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  • Step-by-Step Guide to Reprocessing Dental Handpieces and Burs: Protecting your Patients and Investment
    Step-by-Step Guide to Reprocessing Dental Handpieces and Burs: Protecting your Patients and Investment

    The cost of operating a dental office is staggering, and one sizeable investment is in dental handpieces. Choosing and investing in quality dental burs and handpieces increases productivity, reliability and reduces chair time for patients, making dental treatment less stressful. Handpieces are compressed-air driven, use newer electric technology, or are battery-powered, as in cordless prophy handpieces. Proper maintenance and sterilization practices provide years of service and guarantee patient safety.

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  • Diamonds are a DDS’s Best Friend: The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Burs
    Diamonds are a DDS’s Best Friend

    Before being an RDH, I was a CDA and then a CPDA for 4 years. I oversaw ordering burs, sterilizing burs, and storing them in bur blocks in an official bur drawer. These were the years where a loose unpackaged sterile burs in a bur block was acceptable in infection prevention and control. I quickly realized that for the dentist the bur drawer was the equivalent to a jeweler displaying jewels through a glass cabinet. On every bur block, there was a perfect jewel the dentist would need to perform dental masterpieces of artwork!

    Each bur had its purpose. How thrilled the dentist was when the perfect lineup was pre-anticipated for each procedure. Every dental assistant knows their dentist's lineup of burs. When another dental assistant steps in or if a hygienist needs to get a bur for the dentist, they quickly go to the dental assistant and ask; ‘What bur does the dentist want?’ Like magic, the dental assistant knows ASAP what tha

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  • Do You Know Your Bur's ISO Number? - The 5 Classifications of Dental Burs
    Five Ohio Forge Dental Burs

    I remember my trips to the dentist as a child and looking at the dental bur blocks on the counter. I remember thinking there were so many and hoping they did not have to use the giant ones on me. At the time, of course, I did not realize that there were so many types of burs. Each dental bur has a specific purpose, from cavity preparation to polishing, to use in a laboratory or surgical setting. Identifying the proper bur for the correct procedure can be a task. Sorting through the vast array of burs can be overwhelming. Predominantly dental burs are made from top-of-the-line materials, including steel, carbide, and diamond

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