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Ohio Forge Dental Burs and Diamonds

Introducing Ohio Forge Dental Burs & Diamonds

maxill is excited to introduce a new lineup of premium quality dental burs, diamonds and polishers. Ohio Forge Burs deliver top quality performance at a price you’ll love!

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Carbide Burs

Ohio Forge Carbide Burs are manufactured under strict guidelines to ensure consistent, high-quality performance. Only high-grade raw materials are used providing maximum strength and durability. The blade design, angles and concentricity of the bur deliver powerful cutting performance and consistent quality. This results in a well-balanced carbide that delivers minimal vibration and maximizes performance and comfort for you and your patient.

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Endodontic Access Burs

Ohio Forge Endodontic Burs are designed for lateral endodontic access enlargement. The safe-end, noncutting tip prevents penetration of the pulp chamber floor or the root canal walls and prohibits access from getting deeper while still allowing for lateral expansion.

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Select the right match of polisher to restoration for smooth, finished restorative surfaces. Choose the task-specific Ohio Forge polishing system that best suits your clinical needs for composite, porcelain or metal. All Ohio Forge Polishers are right-angle latch-type.

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Zirconium Nitride Coated Lab Cutters

Ohio Forge Zirconium Nitride Coated Lab Cutters are constructed with tungsten carbide heads and stainless steel shanks. The extremely hard cutting surfaces of 2,800 Vickers provide durability and longevity and the abrasion resistance reduces surface heat for a cooler more consistent surface finish. Ohio Forge laboratory burs are available in a broad selection of shapes, sizes and grits.

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Single-Patient-Use Diamond Burs

Ohio Forge Single-Use Diamonds offer quality and consistency providing the feel of a new diamond cut with each patient. Significantly increase the preparation quality and eliminate the time consuming expense of sterilization and the worry of cross contamination. All Single-Use Diamonds are sold in rolls of 25 individually pre-sterilized diamonds.

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Multi-Patient-Use Diamond Burs

Ohio Forge Multi-Use Diamonds are designed with a dense 3-layer uniform diamond matrix that enables a greater number of diamond particles to be in direct contact with the tooth surface. This provides a smooth feel, superior cutting efficiency and a long instrument life.

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