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ipana is a tried and true, 110 year heritage brand generating fresh interest in the dental community. ipana is a high quality toothpaste made with only the very best of ingredients. ipana toothpaste is competitively priced keeping in line with maxill's long tradition of always delivering the best quality for the best value.

Bucky Beaver has been the renowned mascot for ipana toothpaste for over 50 years. Created by Disney Commercial Studios in the 1950’s for the Bristol-Myers Company, Bucky has entertained millions of kids and adults alike with his enthusiastic entanglements with DK Germ in many different television and radio commercial varieties.

ipana is a heritage brand, long ago abandoned by the Bristol-Myers Company. maxill has no doubt that ipana will be a big success in the marketplace.

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ipana withergreen toothpaste tube and box

ipana Toothpaste

ipana is revived with 2 fresh and great tasting formulas for both adults and children. ipana's famous 110 year old Wintergreen Adult paste along with Bucky's Bubble Gum for children.
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Bucky Beaver with ipana Bucky Beaver Toothpaste

Bucky Beaver is back!

Bucky Beaver is back as ipana's chief mascot for the 110 year old ipana toothpaste brand! ipana Bucky Beaver Bubble Gum children's toothpaste with fluoride helps keep kids' smiles bright! 
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Bucky Beaver toothbrush product photo

Bucky Beaver Toothbrush

Get those teeth sparkling clean with your very own Bucky Beaver toothbrush. Your Bucky Beaver toothbrush helps fight tooth decay, plaque and assists in the prevention of gum disease.
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ipana Ducky Toothbrush

Ducky Toothbrush

The new Ducky Children's Toothbrush has been upgraded with a larger rubber easy grip handle, enhanced graphics, improved imprinting area, a rubber edged head and and a sleek neck great for reaching those cavity prone back teeth.
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Cap'n Bucky's Treasure Chest


For more fun, downloadable colouring pages, online games, entertainment and education, visit Bucky and his friends at www.buckybeaver.ca!
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Bucky Beaver toothbrush product photo

Bucky's First Brush

Bucky’s First Brush features supersoft bristles that are gentle on sensitive gums. The short neck and wide handle help prevent choking and the easy grip handle makes it easy to hold for both baby and parents.
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