Enhancing Precision and Quality in Dentistry: Introducing Our New Line of Dental Finishing and Polishing Strips and Tools

Welcome to the world of precision and excellence in dental care with maxill Dental Products. In the realm of dental finishing and polishing strips and tools, maxill offers a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to the needs of dental professionals. Whether you're seeking the finesse of single-sided diamond stainless steel strips, the versatility of polyester strips, or the precision of interproximal reduction systems, maxill's innovative range of products empowers practitioners to achieve unparalleled results.

From interproximal perfection to efficient dental procedures, maxill's offerings are designed to elevate the quality of patient care and streamline the work of dental professionals. Join us on a journey through the maxill Dental Product line, where each tool is meticulously crafted to enhance the precision and quality of dental procedures.


Elevating Dental Finishing and Polishing with the NEW maxill Diamond SS Series and Polyester Strips


The maxill Diamond SS series and Polyester strips offer a revolutionary solution for dental professionals seeking precision and excellence in finishing and polishing. With a range of specialized strips designed for various applications, maxill Diamond SS empowers dental practitioners to achieve exceptional results effortlessly.


Single-Sided Finishing Strips for Interproximal Perfection

Our single-sided diamond stainless steel strips are indispensable tools for finishing and polishing interproximal faces. What sets them apart is the neutral (non-abrasive) center, ensuring that they can be placed between teeth for finishing and polishing without affecting the contact. These 4mm wide strips are 150mm long and are available in fine, medium, and coarse grit. Each strip features a color-coded end for quick and easy identification during procedures. 


Perforated Strips for Flawless Refining

maxill Diamond SS Perforated Strips are engineered for the smooth and efficient removal of excess cement or material after placing crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, and removing or refining proximal regions of fillings or teeth in preparation for orthodontic treatment. Like their counterparts, these strips boast a neutral (non-abrasive) center, ensuring that contact remains unaffected. The specially designed perforations facilitate the movement of debris, preventing residue accumulation during use.


Full Serrated Saw Strips for Efficient Dental Procedures

The maxill SS Serrated Full Saw Strips are non-abrasive and highly versatile, excelling at separating fused contacts and debriding them of composites and cement. Ideal for post-cementation procedures of crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays, or onlays.


Polyester Strips for Versatile Interproximal Finishing

maxill Finishing & Polishing Polyester Strips are designed with versatility in mind. Available in three convenient sizes, they are perfect for interproximal smoothing and finishing. With medium and fine grit ends, they provide dental professionals with precise handling and the ability to tailor their approach for each unique case.


Precision Interproximal Reduction Tools

maxill xacto stripz - Sawz 

Our autoclavable maxill xacto stripz- sawz provide a comprehensive solution for interproximal reduction (IPR). Whether you need orthodontic contact reduction, interproximal finishing, or the removal of excess cements and restorative materials, these systems have you covered. The sequence of five strips - one saw and four abrasive strips - allows for gradual and precise reduction. These strips can be used manually or with the autoclavable handle, which is designed for optimal strip positioning at 180 degrees or 45 degrees for those difficult posterior angles. 


maxill xacto stripz- shortz


The maxill xacto stripz- shortz are versatile interproximal reduction tools designed for precision without the need for a handle. Their compact design fits comfortably between your fingers, providing a secure grip on each end. These strips serve the same function as the sawz, offering dental professionals a convenient and efficient solution for tasks like orthodontic contact reduction, interproximal finishing, and the removal of excess cements and restorative materials. Their ergonomic design allows for easy manual use, making them a practical addition to your dental toolkit.


Discover the maxill Dental Products range, where precision meets innovation. Elevate your dental practice with tools designed to enhance the quality of patient care and streamline your work. maxill - Your Partner in Dental Excellence.


Disclaimer: For the best results using maxill xacto shortz or sawz, follow the conveniently colored sequence starting with the serrated saw to extra coarse, ensuring to use each progressional grit in order. Not following the sequence may result in damage to the strips.