3 Digital Marketing Tactics for Your Dental Practice

Before the pandemic, marketing your dental practice online was critical to its success.

Fast forward to today and I don’t know how your practice could survive without it!

There are plenty of digital marketing tactics to employ and each have varying levels of effort, time and commitment.

The digital marketing strategies you use (or don’t) will ultimately affect the success of your business.

In this blog we’ll cover three free digital marketing tactics that you can implement today!


Online Visibility

Online visibility is primary to all digital marketing strategies and can be achieved most easily through a Facebook Business Page and a Google My Business profile.

Both of these options allow your business to be found easily on two of the highest traffic websites on the internet.

There's a high likelihood that if a prospective patient cannot find your business on facebook or Google, they won’t be calling to book an appointment.


Dental Practice Websites

Many of our clients have asked us if they should have their own website and the answer is yes, but depends on a few factors.

Before Google My Business and Facebook Business Pages, online visibility of any dental office depended largely on the practice's own website.

Today your business’ hours, address, location, phone number and services are all visible on facebook and Google, so why put the effort and money into building a professional website?


The answer is the same reason you’d want a Facebook Business Page, more visibility and a lot more marketing potential.

You need to be on as many channels as possible, and a website is a major one. 

It also shows that you care about giving as much info as possible to your best potential clients. 


A website is the home of your online presence and a place where you can curate your brand and customer experience.

On top of being the online home of your practice, your site acts as an automated receptionist by introducing your business, booking appointments and receiving payments.


Most dentists will find it hard to be competitive without their own dedicated website in 2023.

Keep in mind, a professional website doesn’t have to cost you thousands.

Web platforms like SquareSpace, and WiX offer affordable options.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the highest converting digital marketing tool your practice can take advantage of.

If you’re not collecting patient emails, it's time to start!

Once you have a list of patient emails you can send them promotions, news, and appointment reminders.

A Google My Business profile and a Facebook Business Page are meant to attract new clients, whereas email marketing attempts to capitalize on pre-existing customers.


These are the top three free digital marketing tools at your disposal, but if you’re looking for more aggressive digital strategies, check out our blog Decoding Patient Attraction: Top 10 Factors That Draw New Patients to a Dental Office.