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maxchek Basket


Basket only. maxchek Baskets are NOT autoclavable. maxchek Valves and Pink Frams sold separately.

Learn more about maxchek Backcheck Prevention Valves - www.maxill.com/us/our-products/procedural/maxchek.html

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Instructions For Use

Assembly: To assemble the maxchek backflow prevention valve, unscrew the valve and place the fram into the designated notch. Aligning the valve's peg with the fram's hinge will ensure a secure fit. Insert the slender end of the maxchek valve into your suction coupling and add your saliva ejector into the other end of the maxchek. It's that simple!

Change the maxchek for every client to further prevent cross-contamination.

Cleaning & Sterilization: For ultrasonic baths, disassemble the valve from the fram and position securely into the basket's slots (maximum fill of 16 valves). Frams are to be placed into the smaller basket, located on top and secured when lid is closed. Clean for 15-30 minutes. For instrument washer, follow the same instructions and position inside the washers basket and/or top rack. Inspect all parts of the maxcheck valve to ensure proper cleaning before packaging. For autoclaving, keep all three pieces disassembled and package in appropriate size pouch, and autoclave at 132°C (270°F) for 4 minutes.

References: 1. CDC. Division of Oral Health. Saliva Ejector & Backflow (2016). https://www.cdc.gov/oralhealth/infectioncontrol/faqs/saliva.html