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Just like the name implies, the Supermaxx toothbrush is a premium secure toothbrush for Prisons and Correctional facilities where safety is at a hyper premium. The Supermaxx Prison / Institutional toothbrush is the safest toothbrush on the market, but doesn't come at a hyper premium price.

The textured grip makes this brush easy to handle, while it's rubber based body provides an unparalleled level of tamper resistance. The Supermaxx family of correctional rubber products has been on the market for over 25 years and has gained acceptance as the premium ultra-safe toothbrush.

  • • For high risk settings
  • • Tamper resistant
  • • Weapon proof non-shank design
  • • Full size brush head
  • • High quality DuPont® bristles
  • • 4.25’ (11cm) total length
  • • Totally flexible handle
  • • Suitable for oral application
  • • Soft bristles
  • • 38 Tufts

For inquiries or to place an order please contact:
Sharon Van Doesburg
1-855-462-9455 ext 242

Product Availability:
  • Blue  Item 02450-BLUE
  • Orange  Item 02450-ORANGE