Monthly Archives: October 2020

    Fallow Time Impact on Operatory Turn Over and Clinical Notes Completion

    by Michelle Aubé (Simmonds), RDH - October 19, 2020

    The topic of air quality was discussed in the last maxill blog post. The article outlined the varying provincial and territory guidelines on obtaining Air Change Per Hour (ACH) testing and applying the numerical value to determining a fallow time.

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    Air Changes per Hour and Fallow Times Based on Geographical Regions

    by Michelle Aubé (Simmonds), RDH - October 14, 2020

    Air quality has surfaced as a hot topic in the pandemic control measures for dental offices. Air quality falls under Additional Precautions in a dental offices IPAC Program. Pre-pandemic, offices were following Routine Practice covering hand hygiene, sharps safety, risk management and personal protective equipment. Additional precautions are just that, an addition to the routine practice. Additional precautions are required during respiratory viral outbreaks such as SARS COV-19.

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