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Aqua-FX Waterline Disinfectant

Aqua-FX’s easy to use concentrate allows you to take your office’s infection control practices to the next level with fast, effective and economical waterline disinfection! Aqua-FX is your answer to waterline microbial reduction!


Despite many industry advances in infection control, dental unit waterlines continue to be a haven for microbial contaminants. Biofilms, a diverse array of microbial species, thrive in the low nutrient environment of dental unit waterlines and are capable of causing dangerous nosocomial infections. When it comes to reducing the risk of infection, purging waterlines is not enough! Aqua-FX's unique formulation helps eliminate waterline contamination at the source. Through powerful oxidation, Aqua-FX reduces the formation and colonization of biofilms thus reducing the risk of your waterlines becoming biologically contaminated.

DIN 02332973

Kit Contains:
• 1 x 250 mL concentrate
• 1 x measuring beaker
• 1 x test strips

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Aqua-FX Kit
Aqua-FX Kit Item 60084
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Aqua-FX Waterline Disinfectant - 250 mL Bottle
Aqua-FX Waterline Disinfectant - 250 mL Bottle Item 60081 250 mL per bottle
per bottle

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Aqua-FX Waterline Disinfectant - 880 mL Bottle
Aqua-FX Waterline Disinfectant - 880 mL Bottle Item 60082 880 mL per bottle
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Aqua-FX Additional Test Strips
Aqua-FX Additional Test Strips Item 60083 50 test strips per container
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Safety Data Sheets
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Monitoring Records

Aqua-FX: A Concentrated Disinfectant for Controlling Microorganisms in Medical Water Supply Lines

Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid Mixture - Hydrogen Peroxide 23%, Peracetic Acid 5%

User Benefits

  • Exceeds Industry Standards
  • Economical Concentrate
  • Rapid Disinfection
  • Easy To Use

Certificates and Standards

  • Registered with Health Canada
  • Independent GLP Laboratory Testing
  • DIN 02332973
  • Excellent Antimicrobial Efficacy

Environmentally Conscious

  • PAA equilibrium technology
  • Meets OECD 301-305 A-F for Biodegradability
  • Safe Decomposition
  • 1:100 Concentrate Means Less Packaging


Aqua-FX is a 1:100 concentrate that means every 250 mL bottle makes 25 L of working solution!

1 x 250 mL bottle of concentrated Aqua-FX can make 50 X 500 mL applications of working solution.

WHAT is Aqua-FX?

Aqua-FX was developed by maxill as our own brand of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid mixture (PAA). Aqua-FX is characteristic of the industry standard of 5% PAA mixtures. See Table 1. Aqua-FX is a powerful oxidizer and when used as directed, it achieves desirable antimicrobial results with waste that is easily managed. Aqua-FX is 100% biodegradable and has a good shelf life of 15 months from the date of manufacture.

WHO uses Aqua-FX?

As with any PAA solution, Aqua-FX is intended to be used only by trained professionals in institutions, clinics or other industrial settings. PAA is not intended for consumer use.

WHERE is Aqua-FX used?

PAA solutions derived from concentrates similar to Aqua-FX are commonly used in disinfecting environmental surfaces in food manufactories. For hospitals and dentists who depend on clean and consistent water derived from closed loop systems, Aqua-FX is the trusted disinfectant that is used to maintain microbial control in those water systems.

WHEN is Aqua-FX used?

Aqua-FX disinfects reverse osmosis (RO) units, purified water systems and closed loop water systems to help eliminate and control bacterial growth via microbial oxidation at a low level of disinfection.

WHEN should Aqua-FX not be used?

Aqua-FX must not be used by someone unfamiliar in the handling of PAA solutions. Aqua-FX is a hazardous, oxidizing chemical that will cause bleaching of skin or eye damage if mishandled. Additionally, any concentrated or working PAA solutions are not compatible with reducers, transition metals, noble metals, catalysts, heat or alkaline materials. Undesired and potentially violent reactions will occur when PAA solutions come in contact with reducers, transition metals or highly alkaline materials. Rapid decomposition of PAA solutions occur when they come in contact with noble metals, catalysts, heat or alkaline materials.

Aqua-FX is not intended to achieve intermediate level disinfection in 10 minutes or less at 500 ppm working solution. Higher concentrations would be required to achieve intermediate level disinfection; thus the more potent working solution may be incompatible in the desired process of disinfection.

Aqua-FX is labeled as a bactericide and fungicide in 5 minutes, when the concentrate is diluted 100-fold to a 500-ppm solution with potable or purified water. If a biofilm has developed in a water system, Aqua-FX is not labeled to control or eliminate the biofilm. Mechanical action alone or in combination with chemical action (e.g. enzymes) must be used to erode and eliminate the biofilm. When used as a part of preventative maintenance, Aqua-FX effectively prevents biofilm from establishing itself and thus developing into a bigger problem.

WHY is Aqua-FX used?

Manufacturers of RO units and water systems consistently count on and require the use of 5% PAA to be diluted and used to disinfect their equipment. The components of these systems are designed for compatibility for no more than 1000 ppm PAA. The fact that Aqua-FX is 100% readily biodegradable, miniscule residues of Aqua-FX solutions become unstable and degrade quietly and quickly to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. In-line ultraviolet lamps that are commonplace in larger closed water loops accelerate this process. Using Aqua-FX to disinfect water systems does not leave behind hazardous disinfection byproducts like what occurs when using other strong oxidizers, like chlorine or other halogen compounds. Aqua-FX is the ideal environmentally conscious disinfectant!

HOW does it work?

Aqua-FX works by killing harmful microorganisms that grow in the low nutrient environment of medical waterlines such as dialysis unit water supply lines (and RO units) or dental unit waterlines.

HOW is it used?

Aqua-FX is sold as a concentrate; 51,000 parts per million peracetic acid to be diluted with potable water or purified water. Typical working solutions range from sanitizing at 250 parts per million (ppm) to chemosterilizing at 2500 ppm in the working solution. For disinfecting water systems including RO units, typical concentrations of peracetic acid in the working solution is 500 ppm.

Disposal of unused, unwanted or spent solutions may be blended with baking soda solution or any mild alkaline solution to a net pH between 6.5 and 8.5. The new solution may be safely disposed down the drain with a cold-water chase.

HOW is it sold?

Packaged in convenient 250 mL and 880 mL bottles, Aqua-FX is foil sealed to reduce the risk of leakage during transport. As Aqua-FX ages, oxygen gas is slowly released due to its nature. The seal is specially vented to prevent pressure build-up and ballooning of the bottle. Because maxill packages Aqua-FX in sizes less than 1 L, Aqua-FX ships as a LIMITED QUANTITY, exempt of expensive TDG packaging, labeling and added transportation costs.

maxill inc. is open to discuss private label opportunities and/or larger volume quantities with any Canadian companies wishing to market and sell Aqua-FX using their own brand labeling. maxill’s regulatory team can assist in DIN registrations and with the intricacies of TDG rules.

Tabel 1:

UN Number UN3149
Shipping Name and Description HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AND PEROXYACETIC ACID MIXTURE with acid(s), water and not more than 5% peroxyacetic acid, STABILIZED
Class 5.1 (8)
Packing Group/ Category II
Special Provisions -
6(a)Explosive Limit and Limited Quantity Index 1 L
6(b) Excepted Quantities E2
ERAP Index -
Passenger Carrying Vessel Index Forbidden
Passenger Carrying Road Vehicle or Passenger Carrying Railway Vehicle Index 1 L

Questions? 1-800-268-8633, extension 247 or info@maxill.com, Subject: Aqua-FX Inquiry