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oracue LED Examination Penlight

maxill oracue assists operators when excavating caries in already open cavities. Under the violet light exposure, dentine carious areas are shown in red fluorescence, while healthy tooth material shows in green fluorescence. The operator views the cavity through a filter.

Hi-Lo Brightness Settings / Auto Shut-Off Function / Confortable Grip & Weight / Interchangeable Light Options

The violet LED light (approx. 405 nm) is a quick and simple way to diagnose tooth fractures, detect carious lesions and visualize plaque, and locate hard-to-see root canals.

maxill Innovation

*oracue Pro Kit pictured.

oracue Pro Kit

Plaque Detection

The use of the oracue Plaque Filter with the violet light mode makes it easy to detect dental plaque and caries bacteria. Under the violet light exposure, the dentine caries area show a visible red fluorescence.

oracue being used to highlight plaque

Endo Examination

The 1mm endo guide focuses high intensity light to create transillumination. It's suitable for endo, inspection of root canals, caries, and fractures.

oracue being used with Endo Guide

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