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With two formulas, and several different container styles and sizes, there’s a KWIKY Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer for everyone! KWIKY is an alcohol based sanitizer that helps reduce many common harmful germs and bacteria. Learn more about each type of KWIKY below.

Dispenser Inserts

1 L inserts are available for use in maxill Manual or Auto Dispensers.

Pump Bottles

Quick access pump bottles make it easy and convenient to dispense.

Dosage Pumps

Dosage pumps are avaiable for 2 L and 4 L jugs.

Refill Jugs

Reduce waste with our economical refill jugs.

Travel Tubes

Convenient travel tubes help you to sanitize on the go.

Health Canada Authorized

Meets Health Canada's requirements.

KWIKY is a topical antiseptic hand cleansing gel that is effective in destroying certain bacteria and removing impurities to provide antiseptic cleansing. Use as needed throughout the day as a part of a daily cleansing routine.

KWIKY contains 70% v/v isopropyl alcohol.

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Kwiky Foam is a topical antiseptic hand sanitizer that is effective in destroying certain bacteria and removing impurities to provide antiseptic cleansing. Kwiky Foam hand sanitizer has a citrus scent.

KWIKY Foam contains 72% v/v ethyl alcohol.

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KWIKY Antiseptic Hand Sanitizers - A 22 Year History

Hand sanitizer demand has reached an all time high during the global COVID-19 pandemic. With this huge spike in demand, there have been supply chain shortages for isopropanol and ethanol (the two alcohols used in making hand sanitizer) and a glut of new companies getting into the hand sanitizer business. These new companies are often unable to acquire quality alcohol for their sanitizer and some have resorted to using unsafe, low quality alcohol - https://healthycanadians.gc.ca/.

maxill has been making KWIKY Hand Sanitizer since 1998. That’s 22 years! We have well established, long running relationships with our alcohol suppliers. Because of this, we are able to secure high quality alcohols to ensure that KWIKY is made with the best ingredients possible.

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Health Canada Authorized

maxill KWIKY Hand Sanitizers meet Health Canada's requirements and are authorized for sale in Canada.

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