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Say goodbye to your sharpies, colour-coded tapes, and label guns!

File away those manual logs and make way for maxill steri‑sox ST. Brace yourself for the reprocessing system you've been waiting for!

This turn-key solution is designed to streamline your instrument reprocessing and ensure Best Practice quality assurance throughout the entire process. Effortlessly monitor packages, ensure compliance and eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks and manual logging!

Say hello to steri‑sox ST

steri-sox ST Kiosk, Printer and Scan Gun

Save time, money, eliminate errors & enjoy peace of mind.

maxill steri‑sox ST features an intuitive user interface developed to easily and efficiently guide the operator through all steps of the reprocessing procedures.

Custom Tailored to your office.

This turnkey solution is custom tailored to your office and is pre-configured for your processes and equipment.

Cycle logging made simple.

Eliminate manual logging and file storage. maxill steri‑sox ST effortlessly logs your sterilization cycles and helps keep you organized and compliant!

Three mounting options.

With three available mounting options, it's easy to integrate the system into your sterile bay.

Barcoded labels.

All of the required information is printed as you pack.

Reliable access.

Data is stored on the unit and not dependant on internet access.

Tailored to your office.

Pre-configured for your processes and equipment.

Secure Back-up.

Automatic cloud back-up for additional peace of mind.

Digital logging.

Eliminates manually logging and physical file storage.

A to Z Compliance.

Validated, monitored workflow right through to patient use.

maxill steri‑sox ST provides cycle logging for every sterilization cycle documenting load contents, mechanical parameters and chemical and biological indicators.

Customizable expiry date.
This can be enabled/disabled.
Clinician who labelled the package.
steri-sox load number.
Package type with specific contents defined in steri‑sox ST.
Wrapped Cassette with steri-sox ST custom label.
Printed before sterilization
Date the package was labelled.
Unique data matrix links each package to all data logged in steri‑sox ST.
Barcode represents the unique number represented in the data matrix.
[Office ID]
[Sterilizer ID]
[Unique Package Identifier]
steri-sox ST

Dental Instrument Reprocessing System

Base Configuration Includes:

  • 1x Kiosk with software
  • 1x Scanner
  • 1x Printer
  • 1x Roll of 3000 thermal labels
  • 1x Thermal ribbon
  • 1x External Camera

The steri‑sox ST package configuration can be customized to meet the needs of your office. Order online or contact a sales representative to build your package.

STARTING AT $4629.99