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DUWL Treatment & Monitoring

What's in YOUR water lines?

Dental Unit Water Lines (DUWL) are a breeding ground for bacteria that eventually give rise to biofilms. If left unchecked, biofilm colonies quickly multiply and act as a reservoir for ongoing DUWL contamination. Patients and staff are exposed to microorganisms, fragments of biofilm and bacterial endotoxins that can cause illness and clog instruments.

Poor quality DUWL output water is a universal problem and it’s safe to say all untreated DUWLs will have resident biofilms. There are different approaches to maintaining DUWLs currently available. Most require the addition of tablets or chemicals that are expensive, inconvenient, can damage equipment, and rarely get to the root of the problem.

maxill H2O is an end-to-end solution that gives you the tools to easily and effectively treat, maintain, and monitor your DUWLs!

H2O Dental Unit Waterline Treatment and Monitoring Zymax Enzymatic Cleaning Solution Aqua-FX Dental Waterline Disinfection Kit
  • No Additives - Water and Only Water
  • No Parts to Replace
  • No Effect on Bond Strength
  • Convenient and Economical
  • No Overnight Soaking
  • Gentle on Lines and Equipment
  • Eco-Friendly (No Additional Disposal Steps)


1 Complete Solution!



maxill H2O Dental Unit Water Lines Treatment Kit

The maxill Dental Unit Water Lines H2O Treatment Kit was designed with both cleaning and best practice maintenance in mind. This weekly, 2 Step system includes a Zymax pre-cleaning step to erode biofilms and an Aqua-FX Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA) disinfection step to oxidize bacteria in the DUWLs. Zymax should be used daily for best practice maintenance. Use in combination with maxill DUWL in-office or lab testing options for a complete end-to-end treatment, maintenance and monitoring solution.

NO Tablets
NO Chemicals
NO Filters
NO Silver
NO Zinc
NO Iodine
NO Reverse Osmosis Units
NO UV Lighting Units
NO Inline Disks
Kit Includes:
• Zymax 128 Enzymatic Cleaning Solution
• Zymax Chairside Bottle
• maxill Aqua-FX
• maxill Aqua-FX Measuring Cup
• Peracetic Acid Test Strips
• Aqua-FX Chairside Bottle


Once you’ve completed your maxill H2O DUWL Treatment, choose from one of our two convenient options to verify your treatment results and monitor your DUWLs on an ongoing basis. We recommend weekly testing until 4 to 6 consecutive passes are achieved. After that, monthly testing is suggested unless a change in water quality is observed.

maxill H2O Dental Unit Water Lines Lab Testing

maxill lab testing is a convenient mail-in Dental Unit Water Lines hygiene monitoring service. A cooler, ice packs, test tubes, priority return coupon, and easy to follow instructions are all included. Test results will be sent via email and will also be posted to your maxill online account. Sampling and overnight priority courier service is coordinated by your customer service rep.


maxill H2O Dental Unit Water Lines In-Office Testing

maxill in-office testing gives you the tools to complete your own testing. With maxill H2O In-Office Monitoring conveniently test your DUWLs with maxill dipslide culture tests and 10 or 20 well incubator.


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