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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are maxill gloves food prep safe?

    Yes, all our gloves are powder free and food safe.

  • Do you have the same glove in different colours?

    No. Each brand of glove comes in just one colour.

  • Do gloves and masks expire?


  • Do all your masks come with the foam strip?

    Only the Level 3 Masks come with the Anti-Fog Foam Strip. Level 2 Masks have a flexible metal nose piece, but no foam strip.

  • I'm having trouble with my label gun. Can you help me fix it?

    Yes, we have troubleshooting videos available for both steri-sox and ID+ labelers. If you find the troubleshooting videos do not solve the issue you are having with your labeler, contact your maxill rep or call customer service at 1-800-268-8633 for more assistance.

  • Does maxill give out samples?

    We used to send samples in the mail, but as our client base grew to international levels, that policy was too difficult to stand behind. So we decided to create a program called Try-Me-Cheap or TMC for short.

    If you've never ordered that item, very often there will be a special TMC price for the first one you order, along with a substantial discount.

    Our prices are already the lowest, so whatever you do, it's no risk to you!

  • Do you sell Opti wipes / Cavi wipes?

    tb Minuteman is the closest equivalent wipe to these brands, though the ingredients are not the same. maxill produces several varieties of wipes for various applications.

  • How big are your retainer boxes, mouthguard boxes, and denture baths?
    Denture Bath 65 mm 97 mm long
    94 mm short
    50 mm
    Mouth Guard Box 80 mm 80 mm 38 mm
    Retainer Box 68 mm 80 mm 30 mm
  • Is everything maxill sells on the website or are some items only in the catalogue?

    Yes. We used to print and send a paper catalogue of our full line, but a couple years ago we've switched to having all our products and prices on the website and visible to the public.

    We have digital catalogues if you still prefer that method of browsing. Have a look!

  • Why are some products available on maxill.com but not on maxillexpress.com?

    Some products are only available on maxill.com because they are only available to healthcare professionals.


  • Are these prices always up to date?

    Yes. There MAY be instances where a delay occurs before it is updated online, but that's very rare.

  • Do you price match?

    Yes. Not only that, but we'll usually beat it by 2%! Nobody beats maxill for pricing. Check out our Be-A-Reporter (BAR) Program!

  • How do I get special pricing?

    Talk to your representative or request one if you don't have one. You can lock in special pricing for up to a year. Our BAR Program allows you to find a better price somewhere and bring it to us, and we'll match it, beat it, and lock it in!

  • Can we have a rep come into the office?

    If you want a maxill representative to visit your office, just click this link to request. If it's an IPAC audit or information you're after, get in touch here, and we'll get the process started.



  • Do you have set shipping fees, or is it different per region?

    Currently, shipping fees are set at $23.00 CAD for Canada, and $20.00 USD for United States. If you live within St. Thomas Ontario, we'll get it to you for $7.50. Local areas within 30 min surrounding St. Thomas are $12.50 for shipping. Some exceptions apply. Please call for more details.

    Also check out our Nip-The-Ship Program!

    Same-day delivery is possible, but only in special circumstances. Please call 1-800-268-8633 for more information.

  • I didn't receive my order. What do I do?

    Check the email you received after you submitted the order, there should be a tracking number you can use to track your order.

    If tracking says you received the order and your office can't locate the package(s), call us as soon as possible, and we'll make sure we rectify the situation immediately. 1-800-268-8633

  • Why isn't shipping free?

    maxill is just as much a logistics company as it is a retailer. In order to ensure next-day shipping to our clients, we need to store, sort, and pack, and then cover our costs to the shipping services we use.

    If you order $300 or more before taxes are applied, our costs are covered, and free shipping is applied to your order.

    You can always get free shipping if you purchase a "Nip-The-Ship" Package, which is $25, includes a combination of 3 commonly used products (with a combined value of roughly $50!), and waives shipping charges.


  • How do I find my account number?

    Click this link to get an email sent.

  • I need to update my CC #. What do I do?

    Call this number and tell a rep, they will be happy to help!