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Evaculine Pro-Tabs - End of Day Evacuation System Treatment

Use Evaculine Pro-Tabs to restore and maintain the flow and functionality of your evacuation system and drain. Our unique bio-enzymatic formulation helps keep your evacuation system running at full capacity. Aspirate one Pro-Tabs tablet at the end of each work day to help prevent backflow, costly downtime, and expensive service calls.

  • Restore & Maintain Suction Lines
  • Simple, Ready-to-use Tablets
  • Digests Organic Waste
  • Continues To Works When You Don’t
  • All Natural
  • Non-Foaming
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Plastic & Metal Safe

Keep your gunk busting line ecology alive by using Zymax between patients. Avoid flushing with other harsh acids or cleaners that will kill off your hidden microscopic gunk busting warriors.

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Evaculine Pro-Tabs - End of Day Evacuation System Treatment
Evaculine Pro-Tabs - End of Day Evacuation System Treatment Item 60335 26 tablets per tube
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Evaculine maxblast - Evac System Cleaning Pitcher
Evaculine maxblast - Evac System Cleaning Pitcher Item 60033


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Safety Data Sheets

Evaculine Pro-Tabs is a synergistic blend of micro-organisms, enzymes, and micronutrients that work to eliminate organic build-up and suction debris in the dental evacuation system. The solid bio-enzymatic formulation disolves into tiny particles that contain bacteria and enzymes that stick to organic waste in the lines and break it apart.

Directions for use: At the end of each day, drop one tablet into an Evaculine maxblast Pitcher filled with two litres of lukewarm water. Do not exceed 38°C / 100°F. Allow the tablet to dissolve completely. Aspirate approximately half the solution into the high volume line and half the solution into the low volume line. Allow the end of day treatment solution to remain in the system over night. Leaving for extended periods of time is completely safe. Repeat for each opperatory.

Conditions for use:The bacteria in the Evaculine Pro-Tabs perform best within a pH range of 6.0 and 9.0, with optimum activity near a pH of 7.0.

Storage and handling: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Moisture sensitive; Keep container closed when not in use. Avoid excessive inhalation. Avoid eye contact. Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water after handling of tablets.