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Parkell (maxi-cav) Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts - Beavertail

  • Thick, wide and flat for the removal of heavy deposits, stains and orthodontic cements.
  • Specialty: Supragingival use only
  • Primary Use: Moderate to heavy deposits and stains.
  • Power: Any
  • Rugged, stainless steel, one-piece grips that will never crack or leak.
  • Unique silicone muffler reduces noise.
  • Fully autoclavable.
  • Focused irrigant delivery gets the coolant precisely where it’s needed.
  • Parkell’s quality-control process assures spot-on frequency, tip oscillation and water flow.
The Parkell Turbo Sensor was previously branded as the maxi-cav Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Scaler. All maxi-cav branded Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts and accessories are compatible with this unit.
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