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u-test BDS Bowie-Dick Simulation Test

The Bowie-Dick Simulation Test is used at the beginning of every day with pre-vacuum steam sterilizers (Scican Bravo, Adec Lisa, Tuttnauer Elara 11) to verify proper air removal from the autoclave chamber. Proper sterilization can be inhibited by pockets of air in the chamber that can act as a barrier and prevent steam from penetrating into wrapped or packaged items.

The maxill u-test Bowie Dick Simulation (BDS) Test consists of an external plastic casing with an internal stainless steel tube that acts as an air removal and steam penetration barrier. An internal capsule holds a chemical indicator strip that indicates all air was removed and replaced with steam.

  • Reusable Bowie Dick Simulation Test PCD
  • Compact, Space saving Type 2 indicator strips
  • Peel and stick indicators make logging a breeze
  • Easy to interpret, dramatic colour change (red to black)
  • Cost effective and reliable daily testing
  • Meets ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-4 requirements for Class 2 Air Removal Indicator Systems
  • Meets AAMI/ANSI ST79 and validated according to ISO 11140-5 + 1 Type 2

Grouped product items
u-test BDS Bowie-Dick Simulation Test
u-test BDS Bowie-Dick Simulation Test Item 81192 1 process challenge device, 100 Bowie-Dick test strips per box
per box
u-test BDS Bowie-Dick Simulation Test Strips (100 pack)
u-test BDS Bowie-Dick Simulation Test Strips (100 pack) Item 81191 100 Bowie-Dick test strips per pack
per pack

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