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IPAC Check-Up 2


maxill’s IPAC Check-Up offers dental offices peace of mind with a consolidated IPAC assessment, condensed IPAC manual policy/procedures review and yearly IPAC training performed by a skilled IPAC facilitator. All elements of the maxill IPAC Check-Up are part of the health of a dental office’s IPAC program in aligning with standards of practice and remaining compliant in a one-year snapshot. A dental office’s time management is crucial, as such maxill has bundled the Check-Up in two time efficient packages to support initial baseline evaluation and on-going learning.

Start with Check-Up 1, then pre-schedule Check-Up 2; two simple and effective steps to ensure a dental office’s IPAC Program’s health is on track year after year!


A quality IPAC CE course to satisfy yearly training requirements and demonstrate to the public a commitment to safety.

For a fee of $199, the ENTIRE team receives:

Check-Up 2 includes:

  • IPAC Reading Resource Guide
  • IPAC CE Certificate
  • Certificate of IPAC Commitment for Public Safety Display
  • $100 voucher towards maxill’s IPAC in a Box, IPAC 360°, or steri-sox ST.

IPAC Program Healthy Check-Up Time Allocation:
1.5 hrs with entire team

PLEASE CALL 1-800-268-8633 TO ORDER