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Does Your IPAC Manual Meet the New Standards?

The CoV-2 pandemic has brought about many changes in dentistry that will stay with us for years to come. Now more than ever, dental offices must ensure their written policies and procedures are in place and include a pandemic section titled Additional Precautions. In addition to the IPAC audits still being conducted by public health units, the Ministry of Labour has introduced a new audit process and will be conducting random visits to examine the existence and execution of these additional precautions in dental offices.

maxill is here to help you determine if your office's IPAC manual meets current standards for written policies and procedures. Take our short quiz and give your manual a check-up!

Answer the following questions to score the content of your IPAC Manual.

Does your IPAC manual have…

A section dedicated to the manufacturers' instructions for use (MIFU) for ALL of the instruments you sterilize indicating the time, temperature and pressure the instrument must be re-processed?

A section on staff training outlining the required mandatory IPAC training, resources, frequency and a log to record proof of training (including proof of CoV-2 training)?

A section on the steps to take in the case of a sterilization failure?

An appendix with supportive documents and log sheets?

A section on how to reprocess lumens?

A detailed hand hygiene program embedded within the IPAC manual?

An IPAC representative that oversees the IPAC Program and reports to the office manager and office owner?

Have you performed a baseline audit and at minimum quarterly audits of your offices IPAC Program?

maxill’s IPAC In A Box is a crash course designed to get your office up to speed with your Infection Prevention and Control policies and procedures. We’ll dive right into some of the most common areas of non-compliance and help you separate fact from fiction to confidently navigate current rules and regulations.

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maxill’s IPAC 360° tackles the daunting and time consuming task of assembling a written policies and procedures manual and MIFU library. A maxill IPAC Field Representative will guide you through the process of building a manual tailored to the policies, procedures, products and equipment used in your office.

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