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IPAC Record Keeping: Want Off the Hamster Wheel?

Course Description:

Feel like you’re spinning in circles when IPAC and record keeping unite? The union of IPAC and record keeping should be just that…a union, not a collision or an endless chore. There are two aspects to this union: the office’s safeguards and client safety. This involves two locations, the reprocessing area where the act of QA testing unfolds and the operatory. Recording outcomes of sterilization is not limited to the log sheets in the reprocessing area but also includes the reporting of package data having passed sterilization in client records. That is a lot of packages to record! As no office has the luxury of time, a system is required to effectively manage the data entry in both these areas of the office. A system is also needed to efficiently perform a recall of packages and/or a client tracing of specific packages should there be a sterilization failure.

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Original Release Date: June 2, 2022

Access to course expires 1 year following enrollment.
Please ensure the course is completed prior to expiry.

Michelle Aubé (Simmonds) RDH

Michelle Aubé (Simmonds) RDH, maxill’s CE National Director/Speaker, maxill’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Program Director, Fanshawe College educator for DH program and IPAC, ODHA Re-Energize Speaker, CDHA speaker and article writer (OH Canada), CDHO IPAC Expert Opinion, CSA committee member for Sterilization Monitoring, nominated for the 2019 CDHA RDH Superhero Recognition Award, owner of Positive Impact Dental Consulting, past CDHO Assessor, past CDHO Remedial Course Facilitator for IPAC. She has been in the dental profession for over 30 years and still continues to practice clinically in London ON, allowing her to realistically connect with infection control theories and issues of modern-day dental office practice.

Corey Gasson RDH

After becoming a Dental Hygienist in 2008, Corey found her passion for dentistry grow after she started working with maxill as a Sales Consultant in 2012. With an approach of "Education first - sales will follow" Corey offered many in office CE's surrounding Infection Control and Sterilization. Corey welcomed the challenge of influencing the process of a new digital sterilization monitoring system at maxill. With a deep dive into sterilization education, Public Health protocols and taking the Fanshawe IPAC course, Corey is excited to make the flow of your steri-bay match what all regulatory authorities want it to be, with steri‑sox ST.

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