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Course Description:

Every dental office is required to have written policies and procedures for IPAC. This is not a should but a must as per Public Health and our regulatory bodies. This course will review the elements your manual requires.

This course will define the difference between a policy and procedure in its application to IPAC. Every manual needs a policy to state the intent of the manual’s topic and every manual needs specific procedures with every step detailed in sequence.

Collecting standards, guidelines, professional articles, etc on the topic of IPAC and placing them in a binder is NOT an IPAC manual. This information is important but needs to be positioned as supportive data in the back of the manual and referenced throughout the manual.

The goal of an IPAC manual is to write a detailed account of what happens in all departments of YOUR practice. This includes what supplies, products and equipment are used and the procedures team members must follow to safely execute IPAC tasks over and over with consistency and accuracy.

The ideal starting point for an IPAC manual is drafting a thorough table of contents. Think of the table of contents as a mapping and planning exercise. This course will provide an overview of an IPAC Manual table of contents to get you started in the right direction. If you already have a manual, follow along to ensure you are not missing any of the required information.

Course Objectives:
  • Understand the difference between policies and procedures.
  • Realize an appendix section is not an IPAC manual.
  • Distinguish between IPAC theory and application of data.
  • Decipher the necessary categories in the IPAC Manual table of contents.
  • Establishing an IPAC training protocol within the IPAC Manual.
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About the Speaker

Michelle Aubé (Simmonds) RDH

Michelle Aubé (Simmonds) RDH, OSAP member, maxill’s CE National Manager and Speaker, current educator for dental hygiene program, Fanshawe College CE Department IPAC Professor, ODHA Re-Energize Speaker, past CDHO IPAC remedial educator, article writer for OH Canada, and past CDHO Assessor. She has been in the dental profession for over 27 years and still continues to practice clinically allowing her to realistically connect with theories and issues of modern day dental office practice. Michelle offers a smart, positive and refreshing approach to education and has recently been nominated for the 2019 CDHA RDH Superhero Recognition Award.

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