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DUWL: A Topic of Discussion Since 1963

Course Description:

The topic of DUWL maintenance has re-surfaced regularly over the years. How far back does this topic go? Dr. G.C. Blake DDS published the very 1st report in 1963 on Bacterial Contamination. At the time, his study referenced ‘bacterial contamination’ as the term biofilm was non-existent. We now know the contributing factor of the DUWL maintenance issue is biofilm. The water itself is clean, however, it can be exposed to biofilm within the narrow tubing contaminating the water that comes in contact with clients. The maintenance program of a DUWL system can be simplified by equating the issue to risk management.

Course Objectives:
  • Review scientific literature concerning biofilms in dental unit waterlines
  • Apply a risk management approach for reducing health risks
  • Compare testing systems to differentiate between a CFU (Colony Forming Unit) test and a hygienic monitoring test
  • Understand the 3 step equation of clean, shock and test
  • Realize the maintenance of DUWL is NOT an event but rather an ongoing process

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Original Release Date: Nov 18, 2021

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About the Speaker

Michelle Aubé (Simmonds) RDH

Michelle Aubé (Simmonds) RDH, OSAP member, maxill’s CE National Manager and Speaker, current educator for dental hygiene program, Fanshawe College CE Department IPAC Professor, ODHA Re-Energize Speaker, past CDHO IPAC remedial educator, article writer for OH Canada, and past CDHO Assessor. She has been in the dental profession for over 27 years and still continues to practice clinically allowing her to realistically connect with theories and issues of modern day dental office practice. Michelle offers a smart, positive and refreshing approach to education and has recently been nominated for the 2019 CDHA RDH Superhero Recognition Award.

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