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u-test Starter Kits

maxill is pleased to provide you with our In-Office Biological Monitoring System kits and products that are 100% compliant with all of Canada’s Provincial and Federal Guidelines for the Dental Community. We offer you the best price in the industry for our Biological Monitoring Starter Kits, Biological Indicators and our Class 5 Steam Integrators as well as three separate PACE Approved in-office Continuing Education programs.
Grouped product items
maxill u-test incubator and one box of u-test self contained biological indicators.
u-test Mini Starter Kit Item 81115 Kit Includes: 1 Incubator, 1 box of 50 BIs
Box of maxill biological indicators, a process challenge device, and a maxill indicator.
u-test Deluxe Starter Kit Item 81114 Kit Includes: 1 Incubator, 1 box of 50 BIs, 1 bag of 260 SI LRs, 1 PCD
maxill u-test incubator and one box of u-test self contained biological indicators.
u-test Master Starter Kit Item 81113 Kit Includes: 1 Incubator, 5 boxes of 50 BIs

IPAC Resources
Instructions For Use
Monitoring Records

maxill makes compliance simple and affordable.

maxill u•test utilizes a self-contained biological indicator which consists of bacterial spores on a filter-paper carrier packaged within a small, thermoplastic culture tube. Inside the thermoplastic culture tube is a sealed-glass ampoule of specially-formulated soybean casein digest culture medium containing a colour indicator which turns a dramatic yellow when spores grow.

    • Easy to use
    • 24 hour results
    • No need to send spore strips to the lab
    • Cost effective
    • Sterilization confirmation
    • True biological indicator
    • Dramatic colour change
    • Confidential
    • Ensures compliance

maxill u•test incubator

The new improved incubator features an integrated digital thermometer and ampoule crusher. Our maxill u•test Incubator is designed for single temperature incubation of maxill u•test biological indicators. Our maxill u•test incubator is preset to 57°C for the incubation of G. stearothermophilus bacterial spores. Thirteen built-in incubation wells allow for simultaneous testing, saving you time and money. Easy to follow directions and user friendly design reduce the risk for human error while increasing compliance.

Biological Indicator (BI)

maxill u•tests BIs contain bacterial spores (Geobacillus stearothermophilus) on filter paper in a specially designed double walled ampoule. The unique design and culture media a create system that allows each BI to be used as the “spore test” or the positive control. The dramatic colour change identifies bacterial spore growth and allows you to easily identify a failed sterilization process.

Biological indicators are the most accepted means for monitoring of sterilization because they directly assess the procedure effectiveness in killing the most resistant type of micro-organisms which are bacterial spores. The bacterial spores used, G. stearothermophilus, are more resistant and present in greater numbers than common microbial contaminants found in the dental office. Therefore a inactivated biological indicator signifies other micro-organisms that underwent the same process have actually been destroyed, thus confirming sterilization.