Get A Grip on Oral Hygiene: A Guide To String Floss Options

When it comes to maintaining optimal oral hygiene, flossing is a crucial component of your daily routine. By incorporating the right type of floss into your daily routine, you can reduce plaque and tarter buildup, prevent gum disease, and even improve overall oral health. With so many types of string floss available, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. However, by understanding the unique features and benefits of each type, you can select the one that best suits your individual needs and preferences. Whether it's waxed floss or unwaxed floss, expanding floss, or dental tape, each type of floss offers its own benefits. 


Waxed floss is a popular choice for many individuals due to its ease of use and smooth texture. This type of floss is typically made from nylon or Teflon fibers that are coated with a thin layer of wax, typically beeswax or synthetic wax. The waxed coating helps the floss glide more smoothly between teeth, making it easier to maneuver and less likely to shred or break during use. The waxed coating also assists in removing plaque and debris for effectively.


Unwaxed floss is another excellent option. Made typically from nylon or silk fibers that are not coated with wax, unwaxed floss is ideal for individuals with sensitive gums or tight spaces between their teeth. Although it may not glide as smoothly as waxed floss, unwaxed floss is still effective in removing plaque and debris, making it a reliable choice for daily flossing routines. 


Expanding floss is a unique type of floss that is designed to expand or swell when it encounters saliva or water, providing a deeper clean between teeth. The expanding action of this floss allows it to conform to the contours of the teeth and gums, reaching areas that traditional floss may miss. This makes expanding floss and excellent choice for individuals with wider spaces between their teeth or for those with traditional wire braces. With its ability to effectively remove plaque and bacteria, expanding floss can help improve overall oral health and prevent gum disease. 


Superfloss is a type of dental floss that is designed for easier removal of plaque and food from tight spaces between teeth and under the gumline. It features a unique designed that includes a stiff, waxed end that is used to thread the floss under the contact point of those tight areas where traditional floss may struggle to access. Additionally, the stiff end is great for people with traditional braces, or under a bridge pontic. The rest of the floss is made of a gentle, woven material that is designed to clean and remove plaque and food with ease for those harder to reach areas. 


Dental tape is a wider and flatter type of floss that is ideal for individuals with larger gaps between their teeth or for those who have dental work such as bridges or implants. Made from nylon or PTFE fibers, dental tape is strong, durable, and resistant to shredding, making it an excellent choice for comprehensive cleaning. The flat shape of dental tape allows for better coverage of the tooth surface and enables it to slide smoothly between teeth without causing irritation to the gums.


Polytetrafluorethylene Floss (PTFE) is a type of dental floss made from a synthetic polymer that is designed to be gentle on gums, easy to use, and effective at removing plaque and food particles. Its smooth texture and antibacterial properties make is a great option for people with sensitive gums, or tight teeth that may cause traditional floss to shred. PTFE floss is durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it a great option for heavy users.


Time to experiment! Selecting the right type of string floss can significantly impact your flossing experience and overall oral health. By understanding the unique features and benefits of each type, including waxed, unwaxed, expanding, and dental tape, you can choose the one that best suits your individual needs and preferences. From specialized designs for specific oral health concerns to fun flavours and characteristics, there is a type of floss to suit everyone. Whether you prioritize smooth glide, enhanced cleaning efficiency, or gentle gum care, the right type of floss can help you achieve a healthier smile. By incorporating the right type of floss into your daily routine, you can confidently take control of your oral health and enjoy that brighter, healthier smile.