maxill Announces ‘maxill Student IPAC Champion Award’ for Dental Hygiene Students and 2021 Recipient

Investing in Education | Investing in the Future of Dentistry:

St. Thomas, Ontario – April 2022: maxill inc is excited to announce the new maxill Student IPAC Champion Award. This new award will recognize future leaders in dentistry and reward their growth and understanding of infection prevention and control (IPAC) with a financial contribution to their education.

maxill strongly believes in the importance of meeting infection prevention and control (IPAC) standards and the importance of fostering a positive culture of IPAC standards in every dental office. That starts at the education level with dental hygiene students. That is why maxill is partnering with the Fanshawe College Foundation and Fanshawe College to create a new award, the maxill Student IPAC Champion Award.

‘We are excited to partner with Fanshawe College to support dental hygiene students in their knowledge and confidence throughout their IPAC academic journey. As an educator in the program as well as instructing IPAC in the Fanshawe CE department, I can confirm countless hours are spent on teaching, training and evaluating IPAC practices. The maxill Student IPAC Champion Award is a very positive investment in new dental hygiene graduates and the future of the dental hygiene profession. Supporting IPAC education and the future leaders in dental hygiene is an important part of the culture at maxill.’ – Michelle Aubé (Simmonds) RDH, maxill educator.

The maxill Student IPAC Champion Award will be awarded to a student of the Dental Hygiene program at Fanshawe College. The maxill Student IPAC Champion Award is based on a set of criteria to recognize a student who has demonstrated exemplary knowledge and clinical performance in IPAC. maxill believes that education is key to shaping the future of the dental profession. Education encourages people to think critically about what they do and how they do it. By supporting education, maxill is helping to create new generations of professionals who will help to develop the profession of dentistry.

2021 maxill Student IPAC Champion Recipient:

maxill is excited to announce the 2021 maxill Student IPAC Champion Awad recipient, Olivia Frizell. Olivia has recently graduated from the Fanshawe College Dental Hygiene program and is currently a practicing Dental Hygienist in Ontario, Canada. maxill is honoured to present Olivia with a financial contribution and would like to thank Olivia for her dedication to her IPAC education.

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