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u-test Washer-Disinfector Cleaning Indicators - Evaluation Kit

(4 of each colour indicator per kit)

The Washer-Disinfector Cleaning Indicator Evaluation kit is used to determine the correct indicator to monitor the cleaning efficacy inside of your washer-disinfector. The process of determining the right indicator depends on the size and power output(s) of the unit, as well as the cycle type and detergent. By determining the correct indicator to monitor your specific setup, a benchmark can be established that can then be used for comparison in all future routine testing. The cleaning efficacy can be tested in all areas of the washer-disinfector using the special clips. Clips are sold separately.

The Evaluation Kit includes 4 of each colour indicator. Your maxill product specialist can guide you through the process of determining the right indicator for use in your washer-disinfector. Call 1-800-268-8633 to set up your evaluation today!

Special clips are needed to complete the evaluation. They are sold separately and can be purchased here.
4 of each colour indicator per kit

per kit
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