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How do I save money on dental supplies? 

Operating a dental office requires a substantial upfront cost for dental equipment and supplies.

Dentists spend a large percentage of overhead keeping those supplies stocked.


Many routinely purchase items from a dental supply distributor, never realizing they are overpaying for items.

Unlike manufacturers, distributors charge more for products, therefore increasing dentists' overhead costs.

Manufacturers save dentists money by cutting out the middleman and providing the lowest prices for dental supplies.


Basic Equipment Costs


For the basic equipment, operatory rooms in a dental office cost on average $35,000 to $75,000 per room. Most dental offices have multiple rooms, and each room is comprised of the following:


Basic Equipment

  • Dental Chair
  • Dental Unit
  • Dental Vacuum System
  • Overhead Light
  • X-ray Machine
  • Dental Instruments
  • Ultrasonic Scaler Unit
  • Computer Workstation
  • Sink/Cabinets

As a result of the significant initial cost for the basic equipment, it is crucial that money be saved elsewhere when possible.


Dental Supply Costs


The most profitable dental procedures are implants, root canals, crowns, and bridges. They require multiple dentistry materials to complete the procedures; if the proper supplies are not available, they cannot be performed. As a result, the office will take a loss in its revenue during that unfilled appointment slot. In the dental office, organized supply rooms and stocked drawers in each operatory room help the office run smoothly. Some of the most useful supplies are the following:


Considering all of the disposables, dental hygiene products, and infection control cleaning products used in a dental office per day– it is important that the cost of these items be kept as low as possible.

Buying directly from a manufacturer lowers costs and maintains quality.



Create An Inventory System

Developing an inventory system for keeping track of supplies is essential for any dental office. Inventory systems help the office account for all items purchased, stay on budget, and avoid over or under-ordering products.


Inventory System Checklist

  1. Appoint one person in charge of inventory
  2. Create a budget
  3. Request quotes from dental supply stores (Compare distributor prices to manufacturer prices)
  4. Ask a sales representative to perform a cost comparison (you will be shocked to see the money you could be saving!)
  5. Stock new inventory immediately
  6. Weekly checklist of low inventory items (Always keep some backup stock for emergencies. i.e., late deliveries, using more supplies than anticipated, etc.)
  7. Document all transactions


Where are manufacturers of dental supplies near me? is a dental supply company manufacturer conveniently available to order from online. When placing an order, consider buying in bulk to get wholesale prices at an even lower rate.


Save Your Money By Purchasing Directly From A Manufacturer!


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